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What's on stage:

"Samantha Dorrance is totally believable as uncomfortable teenager trying to find a place in life and has a voice that raises the roof." -Paul Lucas-Scott


"But the true star of the show was Samantha Dorrance who played nerdy but talented songwriter, Laura. Her vocals were superb, sending shivers up the spine." - Ruth Scammell

Sussex express:

"Samantha Dorrance is going to give Elaine Paige a run for her money soon." - Susan King

The Critic:

"Bill Kenwright and Laurie Mansfield are to be congratulated on finding the note perfect Samantha Dorrance, a delight as Laura." - Tony Flood

The Stage:

"Samantha is the kind of beautiful Cinderella who melts your heart."

Reviews Gate:

"Samantha is fabulous. From her small frame comes a huge voice and more than any others she captures the periods vocal tone perfectly." - Alexander Ray

Daily Post:

"Samantha is the perfect ingénue with a true, sweet voice" - Judith Phillips


"The standout performance however was Samantha Dorrance. Her ability to touch hearts with moving ballads was matched only by her belt voice in the upbeat numbers." - Jon Cuthbertson

What's On Stage:

"Samantha Dorrance is exceptional. Fantastic, powerful singing voice." - Simon Cole

Edinburgh Guide:

"Samantha is the perfect foil where her acting matches a big singing voice."

What's On Stage:

"Samantha is in perfect voice and the actress understands her characters needs fully. She is an absolute pleasure to watch." - Debbie Parkinson

Sunderland Echo:

"Samantha is flawless and leads the production's select cast well." - Lyndsey Fineran

What's on Stage:

"All the singing was excellent, especially from Samantha Dorrance as Laura." - Pam Dixon

What's On Stage:

"Ribi and Dorrance lead the production beautifully. Their swing moves standing out from the crowd and their vocals containing a flawless and infectious quality that as the lady next to me whispered, sound as strong as a pre-recorded and autotuned track." - Rebecca Cohern

The Public Reviews:

"Stand-out performance from Samantha Dorrance. Incredible power and range, soaring with emotion." - Glen Pearce

Herald Express

"Wow! What a voice and lovely characterization. Samantha Dorrance was brilliant." - Jonpaul Hedge

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