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Samantha entered the entertainment industry after winning Disney Channel's talent search "You're The Star".

Since then she has hosted several of her own TV shows and played lead role's in various West End, UK and International productions.

She is currently touring her self-written children's show Sammy & The Sparks LIVE around the UK. To find out more or to book, click here.

If you are a young person wanting to step into the entertainment industry, Samantha offers 1-1 workshops over Zoom. In your session, you will discuss your goals and ambitions and together, you will create a step by step plan for you to follow in order for you to achieve your goals. Samantha entered the industry without any guidance and often wonders how different her career would have been with that help. Samantha has had fortunate success but has also made a lot of mistakes along the way. She very much enjoys being the mentor to others that she wished she'd had herself. She is very big on helping you design a path that is both sustainable and suits your personal values so you can have a long, happy career and life. To book a session, click here.


Samantha is currently touring her children's show Sammy & The Sparks LIVE. Recently she has been presenting for SKY VIP and playing Goldilocks at Birmingham Hippodrome. She continues to give lectures at performing arts-based colleges and universities around the UK. Helping young people go into the entertainment industry with a healthy mindset.



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