Samantha has just released her SELF-WRITTEN children's project "Sammy & The Sparks". A brand new pop band for children with a difference. The band's fun, upbeat songs are specially designed to help combat anxiety and depression within children, teaching little ones self-help techniques in a fun and positive way. 

Upcoming Projects

Samantha has been MOTIVATIONAL speaking at various colleges up and down the country, talking to students about mental health and how to stay mentally and emotionally healthy throughout their careers and personal lives.


After the cancellation of her sammy & the sparks schools tour, due to covid-19, samantha has just released her home education lesson plans for children. Each lesson plan is designed to teach children valuable self-help skills and coping techniques. the lesson plans include worksheets, meditations, songs, music videos, morning and evening affirmations, games... all designed to help children be emotionally and mentally strong. YOU CAN PURCHASE THESE PLANS FOR YOUR KEY STAGE 1 & 2 CHILDREN by visiting the sammy & the sparks online store.

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